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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients

I heard about chatbots and it sounds interesting but how can this help my business?

This is a great question to ask and should always come first. Chatbots are very popular right now, and many companies are reporting incredible success. In our experience it's hard to tell if and how a chatbot can help without an in-depth study of your business process. With a clear picture, the opportunities can be identified and implemented.

Can I add a chatbot to my website?

Yes, chatbot solutions can be added to any website. Usually you will need either an additional server or make use of a Saas platform to power the chatbot.

Can I also use my chatbot on Facebook Messenger?

Yes. Most chatbots have a core functionality that is independent of any platform. This is where all the logic and language processing is done. From there you can interface with a website chat widget, Messenger, Slack, Text, and Speech.

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Who we are

Born out of our experience with SEO and user interactions on the web, we have been designing and building chatbots for various applications. Depending on the need, we can create simple response driven chatbots, or more advanced natural language processing and AI chatbots.

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    • We are a small business called Title Town Barbershop with two locations in Natick, MA. Adriaan has been a big help with our website over the past few months! He created our chat bot, which customers can book their appointments and interact with. He also created a shop section on our website where people can purchase our products online. When we wanted to add more things to our website such as a services page, appointment policies and videos, Adriaan would make sure that he had fulfilled all of our wishes. If we had any questions regarding the website, he would contact us back quickly and would even be willing to video chat and educate us on the matter. All his work has been beneficial for the growth of Title Town Barbershop because now we have a website that can answer any questions people may have with our business. It has been a great experience working with Adriaan and I would recommend Van Swieten to anyone!

      Stephanie - posted on: Google

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